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Out of our current isolation, comes a desire for connection.

The COVID-19 virus has forced us to slow down and evaluate what we need most and we want our future to hold. We invite you to reflect on this moment with us by sharing your ideas and feelings about the present and the time ahead.  Each of your messages will be handwritten onto individual streamers that make up our latest Skynet installation, “Change in the Air”.

How big the piece gets will be up to you!  Every message submitted will make this artwork larger in size.  With your participation, we’ll create a stunning representation of our collective voice: a symbol of hope and unity to mark this moment in time.


Message From the Artist

Because Now and Forever
We're in this Together

When this is over, we’ll display this artwork in Washington, D.C.   You’re invited!
Your participation gives a voice to this moment in time. A chorus of voices calling for change is stronger than one voice alone.
In our nation’s capital, underneath the colorful canopy we co-created, we will celebrate our unity and define our path into the future…



The Impact of COVID-19 Will be Felt by All of Us

The root causes of the COVID-19 pandemic are multi-faceted. While the reality of the pandemic plays out every day, the true impact of COVID-19 is still to be determined. One thing is certain however– it will be deeply felt by all of us. This is a watershed moment. We believe it’s imperative that we hold our leaders accountable to a humanity-forward approach to managing this crisis and consciously shaping a society imagined, first and foremost, by the people.

“In light of the state of affairs in the world today, I feel it is a time to be bold, gather together with a unified voice, and throw our shared colors and our dreams skyward for the world to see.”

~Patrick Shearn